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BPAL Scents and Poppets

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October Happy October, everyone!
It's been seven months since I last posted here! Um...slacker?
As for BPAL, well, my latest order, received 9/17/07, included these:
- The Lurid Library: Ahhhh, incense-y, smoky, with the scent of old parchment...love it!
- All Souls: Interesting, but I'm not in love with it
- October: WANTED to love it, but didn't like this at first...after it had been on an hour, MAYBE...sigh...
- Samhain: LOVED at first snif, a bit mulled winey, cinnamon, cloves, YUM!

- Black Phoenix! I've been dying (hehehe) to snif this and weirdly it reminds me of my mother
- Whitechapel - very lemony and flowery (actually, the flower is lilac, my fav) and strangely, I've been leaning toward scents like this lately. I bought some shower gel from Fresh, Mangosteen, and love it.
- Umbra
- Tintagel
- Zombi
- Swank
- Debauchery
- Casanova
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On October 2nd, 2007 03:12 am (UTC), thefragrantelf commented:
Heya! It has been ages! I'm really looking forward to my Halloween decants, they all sound so interesting. Not to mention the Inquisition and all the other oil companies pumping out releases...soooooo many things to sniff!
On October 2nd, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC), fondofshibas replied:
Thanks for the welcome!!! Life got busy, you know! Hey...I'm looking for Kill-Devil and Plunder...know where I can get either/or?
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On October 3rd, 2007 12:45 am (UTC), thefragrantelf replied:
Ya, life gets very busy...I'm hardly finding time for sleep these days...I need me some!

Kill-Devil and Plunder...yaaaah, they be on the Bewitching Brews page :D

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